Masahal Nishina

CEO Masahal Nishina

Traditional industry technology
service commendation
of Kyoto-city(2008)



所在地 〒605-0815
電話 075-525-1616
FAX 075-561-4869
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THE NISHINA FLAGS Corporation is a specialized company with expert ‘skill' and ‘knowledge' in producing various metal-craftworks.
The style of new process is compounded of the traditional technique of Kyoto and the latest processing technology.

The history of our company began in 1901 GENZABUROU of the founder went to Kyoto from Shiga Pref. to become the pupil of a famous cloisonné master of Kyoto.

Now, we have succeeded in the creation of the handiwork with diverse contents in higher precision by combining the traditional skill (or technique) and advanced technology.

As a result, we take pride in our work to meet the demands in various fields such as not only the conventional art products but also the architecture and a decorative display sign.

In addition, we aim to move forward for higher quality and prompter delivery by tying up with a strong network of a cooperative factory.

The skill of craftsmen supported by tradition and the advanced technology of computers will expand the field of metal-crafts beyond expectations. Furthermore, our company will strive to provide more exquisite and delicate products that put a value on human sensibility as well as best service to all our customers.